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Meters for direct metering

IVAR introduces a comprehensive range of heat meters ranging from smaller sizes for application in user modules or satellites, to larger sizes for use in thermal power plants.

The smaller meters are the compact type and are available both in the single-jet mechanical version and in the ultrasound version. The single-jet mechanical meter is the modular type and features a base, direct reading version (for heating only or heating/cooling) to which external modules may be applied to obtain versions with M-BUS, radio AMR or Walk-by output versions.

Thermal power plant meters are splittable and feature positive displacement that may be multiple-jet mechanical (up to DN 50), Woltmann (for sizes higher than DN 200) or ultrasound, a pair of temperature probes (wet or dry mounted) and a calculation unit that uses the information received from the PD and from the sensors to calculate the energy consumed. The positive displacement pumps are available for horizontal, ascending or descending vertical mount.

Similarly, IVAR introduces a comprehensive range of domestic cold and hot water flowmeters. Available for direct reading or ready for impulsive output, in sizes from DN 15 to DN 250.

All meters comply with MID directive.


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