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Fittings for under-floor distribution systems

The use of hydraulic junction boxes (similar to household electric systems) greatly simplifies use of the polyethylene pipe, also giving it an incomparable aesthetic result. The junction boxes, with their template, have fixed centre distances for the connections of sanitary appliances and, thanks to the numerous grooves for anchoring to the template, allow you to choose the fixing depth of the fittings in the wall, depending on the thickness of the intended covering.

When using for radiator junctions, the use of RR 702 chrome-plated extensions and of AGE06/07 plates definitely give the junction a pleasant aspect (no longer cracked walls, inclined pipes, hanging radiators).

The junction boxes make it possible to crimp the conduit (always recommended for thermal expansion problems), forming a unique element making it possible to pull off the pipe when necessary and to replace it with a new one without needing to break the wall. All the hot dipped galvanised iron templates are fractionable in case of single use.

The SS1711 boxes can be coupled one to another by grooved guides to obtain a minimum centre distance of 38 mm for use in heating with single pipe valves and 3- and 4-way distributors. The supplied template allows you to obtain centre distances of 38, 50, 100, 153 mm to meet all the junction requirements both in heating and in DHW.

Boxes with 105 ° fitting SS1730 - SS1735 are equipped with sealed rubber cap insulating the box from the circuit. Should the fitting drip, the leak can be immediately identified in the box and does not extend through the conduit.

The junctions have EUROKONUS thread and make it possible to use all the fittings for polyethylene, multilayer and even copper pipes.


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