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TECHNOMIX - Mixing and pump unit for radiant systems

TECHNOMIX is a mixing pump unit for radiant systems. Flow temperature is controlled with a two-way valve, adjusting the quantity of heating/cooling fluid to mixing (“injection” system).

The unit is available in version with fixed-point adjustment by thermostatic head, or version suitable to weather-compensated adjustment by servomotor and controller with outdoor sensor. In the latter version, TECHNOMIX can be used also in cooling applications.

Equipped with balancing, shut-off, air-vent and fill/drain valves, TECHNOMIX combines all the necessary functions in a small, easily accessible space. The unit is reversible with inlet from the right or the left, can be completed with IVAR manifolds featuring balancing and control valves on each radiant distribution circuit, and with horizontal- or verticalstructure manifold kits to supply high-temperature heating bodies upstream of the mixing zone.

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