= Tender description
Code Size Range Color Max inlet pressure Price Class Packaging
507071 3/4“ x 1“ F - TEFLON 36-50 °C
7 bar 155,00 € TA 1 / 6
506574 3/4“ x 1“ F - STAINLESS STEEL 36-50 °C
7 bar 155,00 € TA 1 / 6

SAFEMIX - Safety units with integrated thermostatic blender

The union between the thermostatic mixer and safety unit creates the SAFEMIX unit, a multipurpose monoblock which fulfils all safety and control functions with just four hydraulic connections.

Perfect for electric water heaters, SAFEMIX is supplied with a dielectric fitting for decoupling metal parts. The adjustable drain and special accessory kit with connection pipe and siphon make the installation even more orderly. The thermostatic mixer is available in adjustable and fixed calibration versions.


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