= Tender description
Code Size Non return valve Price Class Packaging
501669 1/2“ M - 3,96 € QA 75 / 600
500499 1/2“ M 5,21 € QA 75 / 600
501902 3/4“ M - 4,25 € QA 75 / 600
501903 3/4“ M 5,61 € QA 50 / 200

Thermostatic blenders

The thermostatic blender is used to maintain the water temperature constant at the set value, regardless of inlet pressure and/or temperature changes, by means of a thermostatic element. Its application is of primary importance in domestic hot water distribution systems, in which it is fundamental to prevent too hot water from reaching the system draw-off points.

MT: NF-certified anti-scalding blenders (black cap/knob)

MT SOL: solar application anti-scalding blenders (orange cap/knob)

MT HT: high-temperature application blenders (green cap/knob).



Maximum comfort thanks to constant temperature.

• Including inlet check valves.

Anti-scald safety device: if there is no cold water the valve closes automatically avoiding the scalding of users.

Recommended where there are DHW storage tanks where the accumulated water may undergo thermal shocks from an anti-legionella cycle.

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