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Gas pipes / press fittings system

MULTIPRESS GAS is a press fitting designed and tested by IVAR for application with multilayer gas pipes used in the installation of internal systems for the transport of gaseous fuels. The relative reference standards and certifications obtained by IVAR always refer to the pipe and fitting system and it is therefore forbidden to use components belonging to different systems.

IVAR holds two system certifications, both obtained at KIWA ITALY:

International certification ISO 17484 for the MULTIPRESS GAS system consisting of the MULTIPRESS GAS fitting and of the ALPEX GAS pipe produced by Fraenkische (jaws TH and B – diameters 16-20-26-32)

Certification according to Italian standard UNI 11344 for the MULTIPRESS GAS ITALIA system consisting of the MULTIPRESS GAS fitting and of the IVAR-APEX GAS pipe (jaws R, TH and H diameters 16-20-26-32, jaw U diameters 16-20-32).

The MULTIPRESS GAS fitting features an optimised geometry to ensure ideal coupling between the pipe and fitting after the pressing process, windows on the yellow bushing holders to verify correct insertion of the pipe and two O-rings on each terminal made of yellow HNBR, EN 549 approved.

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