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MULTIMIX - Compact boiler distribution system

The MULTIMIX system is a substation for mixing and boosting, which enables the transfer of fluids at different temperatures to each thermal zone via a distribution kit, made independent by the pressure equaliser incorporated in the main manifold.

The extraordinarily compact size facilitates installation below the boiler and in confined spaces.

MULTIMIX is made up of the manifold/separator and direct kits, or versions with mixer, which can be configured and combined to meet specific requirements. Pre-assembled configurations are also available with insulation casing in polypropylene and/or metal recess cabinet.

MULTIMIX can also be supplied via side connections, and enables the connection of two or more manifolds to one another. Unlike MULTIMIX-C, this system enables the temporary or permanent disablement of the hydraulic separation function, useful in cases such as connection to an inertial storage unit.



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