Market research and requests from clients are turned into new products by an efficient technical department that can design in-house machining tools as well with the help of latest-generation technologies and software.

Moreover, design engineers have the support of the Research and Development team, committed to meeting plant engineering needs by developing innovative solutions that are guaranteed by tests conducted in a lab fitted with cutting-edge equipment.

All the stages required to hydrothermic components production are carried out in-house, starting from hot forging (on the premises of our associate company Valmon Stampati S.p.A. ) or drawing, followed by mechanical processing on CNC transfer machines, nickel or chrome plating treatments and finally the assembly stage, mostly carried out by automated and robotized processes..

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100% of the electricity employed by IVAR comes from renewable sources, 25% of which is self-generated.

  • Total energy produced
  • 5,536
  • MWh
  • Total CO2 not released
  • 10,472,047
  • Kg