IVAR reconfirmed as a PRIME COMPANY

Cribis, a company that provides credit management services, scoring, commercial information and payment management services, issued to IVAR the maximum degree of commercial reliability.

The Cribis D & B Rating based on specific analytical indicators - such as the sum of past payment trends, the punctuality grade of payments …- and a series of predictive indicators, such as the evaluation of the future regularity of payments, that is the probability of negative events for the company.

Considering these factors, IVAR has been once again confirmed as a solid and reliable company with a satisfactory financial flow, balanced current account and steady payments performance.

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100% of the electricity employed by IVAR comes from renewable sources, 25% of which is self-generated.

  • Total energy produced
  • 5,536
  • MWh
  • Total CO2 not released
  • 10,472,047
  • Kg