Multimix / Multimix-C

MULTIMIX and MULTIMIX-C are new zoning distribution substations for average-sized heating systems. The systems are a smaller version of VARIMIX. Their design is extremely innovative, using the latest in technological engineering advances. The particular features of the systems are:

  • modularity
  • compactness
  • reduction in installation times.

MULTIMIX and MULTIMIX-C have 4 basic modules which can be combined to meet even the most varied system requirements. These are: the 2- or 3- zone manifold with hydraulic separator, the high temperature distribution module and the mixing module for low temperature distribution.

Multimix and Multimix-C distribution kits can also be used as single boosting units. In particular, MULTIMIX / MULTIMIX-C mixing kit can be used to control mixing and distribution in underfloor radiant circuits, with optional full temperature manifolds connected upstream of the mixing valve to feed radiators or heated towel rails by using the primary pump.

MULTIMIX and MULTIMIX-C are unique because they are compact heating system that can be installed in a small space.

Reduction in installation time
They are available in preconfigured solutions, making the installer’s work much easier since only the connection of the boiler and distribution lines, and installation of the circulator pumps are required for field installation.