BIM Catalogue

The speeding up of processes on site can't exist without a careful analysis and a detailed preliminary design. And it is precisely in this context that the new BIM philosophy takes over, with a three-dimen­sional model equipped with multiple information that allows it to be analysed in depth, considering the design choices in the best way possible.

BIM is a great revolution that brings the construction world to a new level of design. IVAR believes in continuous improvement and therefore approaches the BIM philosophy with enthu­siasm!

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La energía que utiliza IVAR deriva por el 100% de fuentes renovables, de la cual el 25 % està auto-producida.

  • Energía total producida
  • 5,214
  • MWh
  • CO2 total no emitida
  • 9,590,042
  • Kg