IVAR Academy

The sharing of experience and knowledge has always been one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Each technical meeting or seminar is an opportunity for us to exchange opinions and grow. This continuous contact with those who use our products helps us to improve them and study new ones, thanks to a more in-depth understanding of new system engineering design requirements.

A multi-purpose room has been set up at our headquarters in Prevalle (BS) where we can see the entire range of IVAR products and where training and refresher courses can be held. The theory and practical courses, held by specialised technical personnel, are aimed at technical heating engineers and installers.
As well as the Academy operating at the main headquarters, two other centres of excellence have been opened in the area: the Laboratorio della Sostenibilità di Soresina (Soresina Sustainability Laboratory), set up in partnership with the members of ANICA and ASPM and IVAR Academy – at the Forlì centre.

IVAR Academy also organises courses in collaboration with trade associations and the main charters of Italian Engineers and Surveyors, with the issue of Professional Training credits via a team of trainers boasting long-standing experience in the world of thermo-hydraulic and hydronic engineering.

For this reason we organise a wide range of seminars and training courses.

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100% of the electricity employed by IVAR comes from renewable sources, 25% of which is self-generated.

  • Total energy produced
  • 5,490
  • MWh
  • Total CO2 not released
  • 10,346,046
  • Kg