Heat metering


Institutions and citizens are now more pushed to use clean energy sources and efficient plant solutions in order to protect the environment, rationally use the sources of energy and save money.
From this perspective, a centralized heating system should be chosen, since it is characterized by a single heat generator, able to satisfy the needs of several users. A centralized heating system guarantees higher generation performance, more effective control of ignition times, lower management costs, better integration of renewable sources and optimisation in case of district heating systems.

What about user's autonomy?

Temperature regulation and metering systems guarantee both management autonomy and correct costs allocation for each user. They are an inseparable couple: only together they can achieve the best results.

Step 1: temperature regulation
Temperature regulation is the first intervention to get autonomy and money saving. For example in a radiators centralized system, replacing traditional manual valves with thermostatic or motorized modulating valves is enough to achieve an automatic regulation of room temperature and a reduction in unnecessary consumption.

Step 2: heat metering
Heat metering systems allow users to pay according to energy they actually consumed. The aim of money saving leads the user to a more responsible use of the heating systems and generates a virtuous circle that favours reduction of consumptions and a cleaner environment.

Heat metering can be:

  • "direct" when using heat metering modules (horizontal distribution systems or new buildings)
  • "indirect" when using heat cost allocators (vertical distribution systems or pre-existing buildings).

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IVAR CLOUD online reading service
For an apartment building where freedom of consultation and consumption analysis are required, IVAR offers IVAR CLOUD service: it's a portal that collects, analyzes and shows consumption data for each flat.

With IVAR CLOUD you can collect consumptions for heating and domestic water, create usage statistics, comparisons on an annual basis and check real-time consumptions, maximizing the benefits of heat and domestic water metering.

IVAR CLOUD also integrates with temperature regulation and metering systems that are not realized by IVAR…

Feel free to add IVAR CLOUD to your system!

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