At IVAR we drink WAMI water

WAMI water has its source in the Alps. This water is unlike any other: it has a mission, a spirit of sustainability.

For every bottle consumed, they donate 100 litres of drinking water to communities that do not have access to it, by building an aqueduct that can bring potable groundwater to the surface and constructing a water supply network that will make it possible for every family to have a tap in their home.

With the code printed on each bottle, it iss possible to find out who is receiving the donated water, so as to directly understand the greater meaning behind this small gesture.

It was love at first sight for IVAR and WAMI. Their motto, “changing the world, one bottle at a time”, captivated us from the outset and so we decided to join their mission. WAMI’s philosophy fits perfectly with IVAR’s ethos of making little everyday actions count and filling them with purpose.

And it does not end there: WAMI is also all about sustainability! Their bottles are made of recycled plastic and the company is committed to planting trees in Milan’s Parco Nord every year, to counteract the CO2 emissions linked to those bottles’ life cycles.

Social responsibility and sustainability are therefore the key terms upon which we based our decision: every time we drink a glass of water at IVAR, we are making the world a better place.

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100% of the electricity employed by IVAR comes from renewable sources, 25% of which is self-generated.

  • Total energy produced
  • 5,352
  • MWh
  • Total CO2 not released
  • 9,968,044
  • Kg