We have started a monthly publication to update the designers who have adopted BIM methodology: every month we will publish information on the latest IVAR products available on the BIMObject portal.

All IVAR families are natively modelled in Autodesk Revit and packaged to perfection: accurate graphic representation, in-depth parameterization and rich technical information, combined with great lightness of the files, make them perfect for any project. We can’t wait for everyone to use them!

This month we have prepared the models of our brass press fittings, with the relative matching pipes:

  • IVAR Multi Press
  • IVAR Multi Press Leak
  • IVAR Press
  • IVAR Multi Press Cuphin
  • IVAR Multi Press Leak Cuphin

We are talking about "smart" models, enriched with attributes that allow to store all the useful information on the object and allow the BIM model to update as the context changes. All the available product sizes are included in one file, saving a lot of time when you have to make changes to the project. We have also developed essential tools to further simplify work, such as the “Showcase” file and the "Pipe Calculator" application: they allow to create the hydraulic system by taking advantage of the convenient auto-routing function and to automatically obtain the calculation of the IVAR material in the project.

Staying as faithful as possible to reality is also a fundamental requirement in the development of IVAR BIM models: for example, we created the "Bending Device" option which allows to automatically adapt the radius of curvature of the pipes in case of using the bending machine. In this way the project accurately simulates the installation phase on site, without surprises.

Download the IVAR BIM models for free from the BIMobject platform: you'll see, you'll love them!

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