For IVAR protecting the environment represents a key aspect of its corporate philosophy and relative policies. The choice of ecological materials, environmentally-friendly production processes and ecological principles lie at the heart of the company's strong commitment to the environment.

IVAR's focus on environmental issues is achieved with a series of specific actions:

Photovoltaic system
A 633 Kwp photovoltaic system installed on the roof meets more than 25% of the company's annual energy needs and reduces CO2emissions into the atmosphere by about 400,000 Kg/year.

Geothermal system
In the production area is a heating/cooling and air-conditioning system with a 350KW water-to-water geothermal heat pump that reduces CO2emissions into the atmosphere by an additional 135,000 Kg/year.

Hot water recovery
The air-conditioning systems in the offices are all equipped with heat recovery devices. In the winter, hot air from the compressor room and the cooling units for emulsified water is recovered and used for heating the production premises.

Inverter compressors
The use of inverter compressors, which generate only as much energy as effectively required, requires 30% less electricity than traditional machines.

Adaptive lighting
There is a controlled lighting system in the buildings that adapts according to the amount of light effectively required using dedicated control software. In the most recently built production facility, a lighting system was installed with high efficiency LED lamps that adapt the performance and consumption to the actual demand for brightness, resulting in energy savings of over 50% compared to traditional lamps. The lighting system in warehouses for storing finished products is equipped with high-efficiency LED lamps that, in addition to adapting the performance and consumption to the actual demand for brightness, reduces the brightness itself until it is turned off completely if the passages for the forklifts are unused. This solution enables an energy saving of over 70% compared.

Recycled packaging
Products are packed in cartons and cardboard boxes made of 80% recycled material.

Low-impact corporate vehicles
IVAR has a pool of mainly hybrid and methane and high efficiency diesel cars.

All the waste is separated
Internal and external rules applying to waste sorting and recycling are followed meticulously. 100% of all waste is recycled.

Spreading the environmental culture
A valuable partnership has been launched with various local schools to hold tours of IVAR's plant with the aim of teaching young people to protect the environment.

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  • 能源生产总量
  • 4,800
  • MWh
  • 减少的二氧化碳排放总量
  • 8,456,036
  • Kg