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RTV - thermostatic valve for temperature control of sanitary recirculation circuits

RTV is an automatic proportional valve with thermostatic insert which controls the return temperature in the circulation circuits, using an injection system to limit flow rates along the pipelines and therefore also heat dispersion. In this way the maximum comfort is ensured for system users, who will always have hot water at the right temperature. The thermostat controller, installed on all circuit branches, automatically keeps the system temperature constant and ensures balancing when required.



• Wide temperature regulation range 35 °C – 60 °C

• An anti-legionella cycle with mechanical or electronically controlled bypass can also be included

Reduction of heat dispersion thanks to limitation of maximum flow rate in circuit branches.

• Available in sizes DN 15-20 with 1/2" F - 3/4" F connections in the 3 variants A - B - C

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