IVAR has built the “contribution matrix” for the LEED and BREEAM rating systems.

IVAR, the first HVAC manufacturer in Italy to do so, has mapped out all its products to select those which allow designers to meet the specific requirements specified by these two protocols.
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Water treatment

Polifemo, the new range in three different sizes

Polifemo is the PROPORTIONAL doser of polyphosphates and silicates in balls, with STRAINER and integrated BYPASS system.
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Water treatment

Dirtstop Easy, the NEW ready-to-use dirt separator.

Dirtstop® EASY is the adjustable magnetic dirt separator with double filtering action, which can be installed in any position, easily and with the guarantee of maximum efficiency.
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Technical publications

Discover our manuals and monographs, a collection of technical documentation that simply and quickly answers heating and plumbing queries.

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Comfort at its best, at all times.

The right temperature, lasting reliability, energy efficiency: water and heat are curated inside our products to generate perpetual comfort.


Green oriented

From sourcing raw materials to choosing our packaging, every process is carefully examined and optimised to save energy and materials in facilities with near-zero environmental impact.