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Thermostatic heads


Thermostatic heads provide the ability for each radiator to function independently from the others, creating greater comfort while simultaneously providing considerable energy savings.

When installed on a thermostatic valve and, when used in conjunction with a thermostat, thermostatic heads offer the easy regulation of the temperature in each room by controlling the delivery of water or steam to the radiator.

Liquid-expansion devices such as our 5000 series includes the standard, manual configuration with incorporated command and sensor, in addition to units designed for the remote determination of temperature through the use of a capillary tube that connects to the head and senses the temperature of the room, apart from the actual radiator. By simply removing the head’s cap and adjusting the unit’s two control rings, the head can be set in the locked position, which prevents further adjustment of the head, or to limit the minimum and maximum temperature range of the radiator.

OPTIMA is a series of showroom quality thermostatic heads whose finishes compliment designer heated towel warmers and radiators. The wide range of colors and patterns always ensures a perfect match, without compromising on quality or technical performance. The liquid-element thermostatic insert features extremely low values of thermal inertia, response time and hysteresis, providing fast reaction to heat load changes and remarkable stability in time.

All of IVAR heads are compatible with all thermostatic valves with an M30 x 1.5 thread size. An adapter is also available to mount them on Danfoss valves.



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