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Static balancing valves

Balancing valves make it possible to introduce appropriate pressure drops so that each branch of the hydraulic circuit has the required design flow rate.

They are equipped with suitable pressure ports which, placed of the ends of a calibrated hole, by means of a specific kit (AVB 20) determine the differential pressure, Δp, which directly depends on the flow rate through the valve.

Depending on the position of the hole in the valve, it is possible to distinguish between fixed orifice valves VB 00, with pressure ports upstream the valve plug, and variable orifice valves VB 10, with pressure ports on the valve plug. 

Due to the different quantity measured in the two cases, VB 00 versions are especially suited to perform in-line operations quickly and accurately (measurement, adjustment) which require a fixed Kv value and a Δp measurement. Whereas VB 10 versions require a Δp measurement and Kv graph both for in-line operations and for the preventive calculation of the correct position, but also allow for a good measurement of Δp for very low flow rates.


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