16 februari 2021

Towards a 100% ecological packaging

Towards a 100% ecological packaging

Last year IVAR participated in the CONAI call for tenders for Ecodesign, entering the rankings with new Havana boxes. The boxes, object of the call for tenders, intended for packaging Eurok multilayer pipe and polyethylene fittings, had these characteristics: 100% recyclable (against the previous version that was only 75% recyclable) and reduced weight (496 g vs 529 g).

The desire for continuous development made us put additional measures in place in the packaging step. For this reason, together with our 100% recyclable Havana cardboard boxes, printed with water-based inks, IVAR has added some other small ecological expedients:

paper adhesive tape to allow the cardboard to be fully recycled
- bags manufactured using 70% recycled packaging materials
biodegradable or high percentage recycled stretch film
- pallet strapping will be made only from recycled plastic

The goal: to provide end customers with palletized units of finished products, packaged EXCLUSIVELY with recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials.