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Valvole miscelatrici assiali termostatizzabili

The valves in this section are piston mixers controlled by an external thermostatic actuator, eqipped with a remote probe (T 5011, T 5012, T 3011, T 3012) or motorized for modulating regulation by means of NRV 24, NRV 230, SRV 24 motors or TE 3061 electrothermal actuator.

The only difference between MR 02 and MR 03 is the position of the ways (+; -; MIX) making easier their use in several situations.

MR 01, instead, is specially constructed for specific use in mixing systems for radiant systems. In these cases, its function is not precisely that of a mixer but substantially that of a 2-way thermostatic valve with open bypass on return from the radiant circuit. The flow inlet in this bypass is adjusted by means of AC 662 (see FLOORMIX).