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Stainless steel manifolds

IVAR steel manifolds are a valid alternative to traditional brass manifolds. They are used for the distribution of heating fluid both in radiant panel systems and radiators, and are compatible also with cooling systems, where suitable insulation is recommended to avoid the effects of surface condensation.

Thanks to micrometric lockshields or flow rate controllers, IVAR's Fluxer stainless-steel manifolds guarantee perfect system balancing, avoiding energy waste and ensuring maximum ambient comfort. They are equipped with manual shutoff valves or valves with electrothermal head for the control of individual circuits.

The manifolds, in AISI 304 high gauge stainless steel, are supplied in flow-return kits, in all the same configurations as available for the brass manifolds. With 1’’ head fittings and ¾’’ BSP EUROK branches, they are available with 2 to 13 ways and are perfectly compatible with all the accessories available for the brass bar manifolds..

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