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Press fittings with leakage function M•P•L

MULTI•PRESS•LEAK is the new press fitting by IVAR designed to guarantee water leakage in case of failed pressing and to be used indifferently with 7 different crimper profiles (BE, B, TH, R, H, F, U).

The absence of sealing if not pressed is a function which is especially on demand on the market to avoid problems and damage in case of forgotten pressing: thanks to the system test, the installer can immediately identify leaks and repair them by correctly pressing the fitting.

The body of the M•P•L line is made in CW617N or in Cuphin (CW724R), lead free copper-silicon alloy, especially recommended in some countries, such as Germany and Austria, for DHW applications. Available in a wide range of configurations and sizes from 16 x 2 to 63 x 4.5.

Product certifications:

  • DVGW
  • WRAS

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