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IC•BOX - Non-mixed compact radiant system

IC-BOX is a system for the control of a single radiant system (underfloor, wall, or ceiling mounted) branching directly from the column and without the need for mixing valves or booster pumps. The simple design allows it to be housed in a compact case, making it suitable for serving small environments in new or existing systems.

The IC-BOX range includes modules fitted with return temperature control "RTL", suitable for high supply temperatures, and module with only control of ambient temperature "TA", suitable for low supply temperature applications. IC-BOX modules 1, 2 and 3 need to be installed on the return line of the radiant circuit controlling them, and due to the presence of the "RTL" device, require spiral circuits to ensure a uniform temperature of the underfloor heating system. When choosing and installing IC-BOX, take care to observe applicable standards (such as European standard EN 1264), any local design and installation requisites, and the specifications from manufacturers of the installed floor coverings.

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