= Tender description
Code Size Color Max inlet pressure Price Class Packaging
507059 3/4“ - TEFLON
7 bar 59,45 € TA 1 / 16
506626 3/4“ - STAINLESS STEEL
7 bar 59,75 € TA 1 / 16

Safety units

The safety unit is used in sanitary systems for the following aims:

  • to keep the water pressure from reaching excessive and dangerous levels inside the accumulation water heater: for this reason the unit features a safety valve that releases excessive pressure should it go beyond the preset valve setting;
  • through the use of a check valve, to keep the water from going back inside the cold water line (anti-pollution).
  • through an isolation valve, to allow for maintenance operations to be performed on the heaters without having to empty the rest of the system;
  • to empty the water heater manually through the manual drainage valve.

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