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VARIMIX - Modular system for thermal power stations

VARIMIX allows to arrange the mechanical room according to a new concept of space and functionality. This solution gives the opportunity to manage multiple thermal areas with different characteristics as truly independent zones in a neat, rational space, thanks to its modular structure and outstanding installation flexibility.

In low temperature kits, the mixer valve is available with different hydraulic features and in 3-way or 4-way versions. By producing a mixture even on the return line, it is particularly suitable for older boilers where the return temperature must not be too low to avoid corrosion. Finally, the “LT” modules are specifically designed for applications with low temperature heat sources (for example, heat pumps).

Main features:

  • easy to install;
  • compact and neat;
  • fully reversible;
  • versatile and flexible;
  • suitable for heating and cooling applications.


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