IVAR distribution manifolds are constructed from drawn brass bars or made of stainless steel. Each manifold is tested under pressure with all the fittings and accessories mounted to be sure that there are no leaks. The manifolds and relative fittings are submitted to stress relieving treatment after mechanical finishing to eliminate the possibility of future cracking and breaking. Threads on the main column connections are according to the ISO228 standard. Derivation pipes are connected by means of 3/4“ EUROKONUS fittings mounted on the manifold with an o-ring and sealed to ensure they do not loosen when disassembling the fitting. All the manifold fittings and accessories (discharge valves, air valves, etc.) are soft-sealed with o-rings and do not require any other intermediate seals (such as PTFE, hemp, etc.).

IVAR manifolds and related accessories satisfy all the needs of modern installations and can be divided into two large families:

  • CS series: distribution manifolds with or without pre-assembled outlets suitable for traditional heating systems;
  • CI series: manifolds with incorporated fittings, isolation and balancing valves used primarily for floor heating systems. These manifolds can be of three different types:

- Manifolds with fluid isolation (with thermostatically controlled insert)
- Adjustment and balancing manifolds (with lockshield valves-type insert)
- Adjustment and balancing manifolds (with integrated flow meter FLUXER).