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Storage tanks

The storage tank is the thermal inertia of the installation, and can store domestic hot water or “primary“ heating water.

Domestic hot water is heated and stored in boilers, which support efficient demand management from single users or the condominium‘s installation. They may be in stainless steel or carbon steel with internally treated surface and with corrosion-proof protection.

Buffer tanks, on the other hand, store heating water, are less delicate than DHW boilers and are suitable for storing energy from a variety of sources and make it available to the heating system and for the production of instant on-demand domestic hot water.

There are also systems that store technical water, but also a more or less plentiful quantity of domestic water: this is the case of “tank-in-tank“ systems and systems with large-sized, built-in DHW coil, for „semi-instant“ production of DHW.

IVAR offers traditional technical water storage cylinders, with semi-instantaneous coils, thermal vents and solutions for the improvement of temperature stratification; the ran also includes “tank-in-tank“ systems and boilers for domestic hot water, also with larger coil for coupling with heat pump.