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POLIFEMO - Dosatore di polifosfati e silicati

BRIX is an acidic condensate neutraliser to be installed downline of the condensate outlet of condensing boilers.

Condensing boilers, of course, are able to recover latent heat in the boiler fumes by condensing the water vapour before it reaches the flue. The resulting condensate has a very low pH (acidic), however, as some of the carbon dioxide in the flue gases dissolves to form carbonic acid, which is thus potentially corrosive to domestic drainage systems. With the use of BRIX, the acidic condensate from the boiler passes through granules of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which neutralise it. The pH of the condensate is thus raised (pH > 6), allowing it to be safely taken into the drainage system.

The Brix range now includes the new version with female fitting, available in 16 mm and 20 mm diameter, making connection to the boiler even more versatile. The versions with male fitting, once again in 16 mm and 20 mm sizes, remain available.



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