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POLIFEMO® - Polyphosphates and silicates doser

The proportional polyphosphates dispenser is installed on the lines supplying cold water to the boiler (and other appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers) to reduce the presence of limescale. The polyphosphates released by the dispenser bind to the calcium and magnesium salts and reduce their precipitation, which causes limescale, creating a protective film in the pipework which helps prevent corrosion.

Polifemo® is now even more practical and functional. Its new, more compact design, combined with a new dosing system, ensures easy maintenance and a much greater available flow rate! The Venturi-effect dosing of the polyphosphates is proportional to the quantity of water flowing through the device.

The integrated filter strainer with 500 µm AISI 304 stainless-steel filter mesh protects the system from impurities, while the bleed valve on the nut facilitates bleeding off any pressure in the body, thus simplifying refilling of the device. Finally, all versions of Polifemo® are now equipped with the bypass function which allows the polyphosphate crystals to be refilled without interrupting normal operation of the device.

The range is enhanced with further versions, and is now composed of: Polifemo® with ½” connections, Polifemo® Extra with ½” connections and extra large body for even longer-lasting refills, and Polifemo® 1” for high flow-rate systems.

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