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Thermostatic heads

Thermostatic heads are mechanical devices for the automatic control of water flow to the radiator, thanks to a heat sensitive element which reacts to ambient temperature variations. Available in liquid and with a remote sensor in case of obstacles in front of the radiator.

Over 180 IVAR thermostatic valve models have the Keymark EN 215 marking, which certifies the low thermal inertia system (rest time < 40 min). The same systems are provided with the TELL energy label. The Eurovent Certita certification is also available for several thermostatic valves with T 5000 head.

The 5000 series is provided with a liquid element and can limit and block the setting. Versions with remote sensors can also be chosen to guarantee ideal detection of the ambient temperature.

T 1500 is equipped with a liquid sensor, a compact size and a simple line, and is particularly suitable to regulate water flow to the radiator when detection of ambient temperature does not need to be remote controlled.


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