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Thermostatic valves HARMONIA series

A thermostatic valve regulates the ambient temperature and modulates the flow rate in the radiator: when the room temperature is close to the required value, the flow rate in the radiator is reduced, down to very low values. Systems with thermostatic valves are therefore variable flow rate versions.

In a centralised system, how is it possible to distribute the correct flow rate to radiators even with partial loads? In these cases, dynamic balancing valves are often installed at the base of the distribution columns, known as differential pressure balancers. To install this valve, the following is required:

• the location of the distribution columns;

• guaranteed clearance for installation at the base of the distribution column;

• after installation, precise calibration.

IVAR HARMONIA valves, as well as ideal for use in new systems, are designed to simplify these situations, and are the easiest solution for installation on existing systems. Combined with a thermostat head, they offer 3 functions:

1. Temperature control, thanks to the thermostat head which modulates flow rate.

2. Pre-setting of the maximum flow rates in 6 positions, to facilitate system activation intervals.

3. Dynamic balancing of system, for effective management of partial loads.

IVAR HARMONIA valves can therefore be installed on any system, without the need for complex calibration procedures. Simply install them, and they will do the rest!

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