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The delivery temperature of the hydronic system is one of the essential parameters that needs to be controlled to keep the environment comfortable. With sector mixer valves, this control is usually entrusted to the combination of a servomotor mounted on the valve and an external regulator.

The CC25 and CTC20 servomotors integrate the regulation logic and the devices necessary to manage the mixed circuit without needing additional components.

CTC20 makes fixed point regulation possible (in heating and cooling) and has an outlet for the secondary circulation pump.

CC25 is an actual climatic regulator for heating/cooling complete with external probe, secondary pump outlet and touch-screen display for programming. It can also connect several servomotors via bus which share external temperature information during regulation.

Both devices can be applied to traditional sector valves (3-way or 4-way) and to the mixing units of the VARIMIX system.


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