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Wiring accessories

The offer of the environment regulation devices is completed with two further accessories which make it extremely easy to wire standard systems with one or more thermostats: CBL 01 and ALC 01.

The first is a simple relay board which can be connected to a consent for the heating demand and activates the secondary pump (for floor system with mixing and booster unit), activates the boiler and connects the safety thermostat to interrupt the secondary pump in case of overtemperature.
ALC 01 is a connection unit which can be powered at 230 VAC or 24 VAC and makes it possible to connect up to 8 thermostats for the independent management of 8 zones. It has just as many outlets to switch the electrothermal heads applied to the distribution manifolds on/off. ALC 01 can also activate the secondary pump or the boiler if there is a heating demand in at least one zone.


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