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Automatic filling groups

During normal operation of a heating system, the internal pressure decreases due to the release of gases dissolved in the water through any deaerators and vents installed, or after bleeding of the heating units. When the pressure drops too much, the heat generator will shut down until the correct operating pressure is restored. Thanks to the automatic filling unit, this operation does not require the intervention of a technician.

The device is connected on one side to the mains water supply, and on the other to the heating system. When the pressure on the system side falls below the calibration value, the filling unit automatically draws water from the mains supply for topping up.

A check valve integrated in the device prevents inversion of the two flows in the event of a decrease in the pressure on the supply side. The filling unit also incorporates a metal mesh strainer to prevent the entry of impurities into the heating system, and a shut-off valve to interrupt its operation.


  • Automatic filling without operator intervention.
  • System pressure always close to calibration pressure.
  • Safe.

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