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3-way modules for direct metering EQUIMETER and MC

EQUIMETER is a compact three-way metering module which offers the option to regulate both supply and by-pass section by exploiting the flow reading of the heat meter, simplifying hydraulic balancing operations. Available in two power/flow rate variants, it houses a 1.5 m³/h or 2.5 m³/h heat meter, while still keeping the main G 3/4” flat seal connections to the upright columns and to the utilities. EQUIMETER can be supplied on a frame or in a box, pre-assembled or in a jig with separate components.

MC is a classical pre-assembled module intended to meet high flow rate requirements thanks to the low hydraulic resistance of the circuit. MC is available in two power/flow rate variants, with different corresponding connections to the upright columns and to the utilities: MC1 has G 1” connections and can house heat meters from 2.5 m³/h. MC2 is equipped with G 1” 1/4 connections and can house larger meters with G 1” 1/4 connections and a nominal flow rate of 3.5 or 6.0 m³/h. Heat module and domestic water module are on different frames and can be built according to requirements.

Domestic water lines can be customized and allow up to three displacement meters to be installed, or up to two by adding a thermostatic blender.

All the electronic components are supplied separately, chosen depending on the individual installations thanks to a complete range of meters for direct reading on individual devices or concentration of data at a single reading point by means of M-BUS or RADIO protocol.


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