Rotor mixing valves

Rotor mixing valves are constructed entirely in brass (body and rotor). When compared to traditional cast iron valves, they offer many advantages, specifically: extremely low risk of jamming  between rotor and body when the rotor is not used for a long period; smaller dimensions and lower weight with the same durability. This series of valves are extremely easy to manufacture, requiring only a small number of components. The drive torque is very low (however we recommend using motors with a torque of ≥ 44.25 lb·in) and maintenance is minimal.

The  seal on the rotor stem is maintained by 2 wide-section EPDM PEROX  O-rings:  the one on the outside is easy to replace when you needed,  simply by  disassembling the stainless steel plate held in place by a  flexible  ring.

For both the 3- and 4-way versions, different Cv values  are  available for the same size to meet different specifications as required by the system’s design.

The 4-way valve mixes both supply water and boiler return water at the same time, thus controlling supply temperature while simultaneously providing protection against condensation.