VARIMIX is a state-of-the-art heating system comprised of a modular distribution manifold and regulating substation, which allows for the quick and compact creation of a zone heating system. The system can be expanded to as many zones as necessary to meet the system‘s requirements. Each module comes complete with a universal pump flange for connecting the pump.

The main feature of this system is its modular design, which allows multiple modules to be easily connected together using rotating nipples to create an entire central heating system suitable for any application.

Other advantages:

Because the hydraulic equalizer is reversible, the system can be installed for right or left-hand operation.

Flexible installation
The VARIMIX modules can be installed in either the upright or downward position within the same heating system.

Can be used for both heating and summer cooling
Two motorized ball valves can be used to isolate units intended for different uses (for example, units designed to work as heating modules in winter and as cooling modules in summer from units designed to work only as heating modules).

Reduced installation time
Standard sized pre-assembled modules allow for the quick and easy expansion of the system via connecting rotating nipples. The kit contains all the hydronic components necessary for the proper functioning, visualization and protection of the system. The mixing system uses 3- or 4-way motorized zone valves.